9.30AM - 7.30PM


Experience the most beautiful working machines designed by Leonardo da Vinci


Build the Bridge, the Dome and the Polyhedra designed by the Universal Genius


See 20 beautiful cartographic drawings made by Da Vinci

Leonardo Interactive Museum® is an interactive Museum dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci.

Our adventure started 20 years ago in the welcoming and suggestive location in the heart of Florence in via dei Servi 66/r, a few steps from the Accademia Gallery and the Florence Cathedral.

The Museum is dedicated to Leonardo engineer, architect, and scientist.

In over 400 square meters you will find a rich collection of truly interactive and functional machines and mechanisms, built after a careful study of Leonardeschi projects by a team of highly specialized mechanics.

The prototypes shown are not the usual ones static carpentry structures seen in other exhibitions, but machines built by adopting mechanical principles with materials more suitable for their lasting operation.
Vertical Ornithopter Detail
Each prototype shown is accompanied by the corresponding original drawing of Leonardo da Vinci and provides a description in Italian, English, German, French, Spanish, Russian and Portuguese.

The museum is suitable for all audiences, admission is recommended starting from 7/8 years.

All prototypes, including large machines (such as the tank, the peddle boat and the vertical ornithopter) can be used to understand the functioning of the real object, in an evocative, stimulating, and fun environment.

Working machines and mechanisms create a story of real experiences and sounds.

Each visitor can therefore live a direct learning experience through manual experimentation of the above.

The Leonardo Interactive Museum® has been visited by millions of people and has obtained the most important value awards, enjoying considerable success and a solid international reputation as an innovative museum.

“Once you have known flight, you will walk on the ground looking at the sky, because you have been there and wish to return”

opening hours Leonardo Interactive Museum®
In addition to the museum exhibition, fantastic interactive workshops have been set up, always active during opening hours and included in the entrance ticket.

Inside you can admire 20 beautiful geographical drawings made by Leonardo da Vinci and published at the beginning of the last century by the Vinciana Royal Commission.

In this way you will discover that Leonardo da Vinci was also an exceptional cartographer for reasons of military strategy or for the needs of hydraulic arrangement.

The most famous paintings of the great Master are exhibited in high-resolution, backlit, and life-size digital reproductions.

Finally, at the entrance to the museum, there is a well-stocked bookshop where you can buy books of Leonardo da Vinci and the city of Florence, wooden models, interactive machines, and mechanisms to assemble, souvenirs and themed gadgets.
Interactive Museum Leonardo da Vinci di Firenze Via dei Servi, 66/r
Endless Screw (Codex di Madrid I, foglio 17v)
We organize, especially during the weekends, guided tours, in Italian, English and French language.

The guided tour of the museum is an excellent opportunity to become part of an animated narration that has as its object the thought, life, works and inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

There are many curiosities and questions without certain answers that still surround the myth of Leonardo: our guide will entertain you on these interesting topics.

The guided tours organized by the museum contextualize the stories of the Florentine Renaissance in which this great man lived and worked.

You will discover anecdotes, even unpublished, about his life and his multifaceted personality.

Guided tours must be purchased in advance online, by selecting the day and time, (click here to find out our rates and to book them).

They last less than an hour and, al term, the visitor can remain in free circulation inside the museum to experience first-hand the functioning of the contents of the exhibition and actively participate in the interactive workshops.
Anemometer (Codex Atlantico, foglio 675)


Buyung H.
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A unique experience in Florence.
Great introduction to Leonardo Da Vinci and his work.
Perfect for our young children (even for us, the parents) after a day visiting art museums and churches.
The interactive nature of the exhibit absorbs the attention of children and adults alike.
Highly recommended.
Stefan B.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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It was a wonderful experience.
The interactive stations are all well displayed and very well explained.
I would recommend spending 90 minutes, or so, here if you enjoy moving parts and engineering.
It us great get to understand the basics of how items, that we use every day, work.
Akira D.M.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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Super cheap and very interactive. Especially great for kids.
Maybe a bit busy but we had a good time.
Really something to add to a day trip in Florence Because it doesn't take up a lot of time.
Very friendly staff 🙂
Jihad B.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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Great place to just come upon while walking in Florence.
It doesn't look like much from the outside but is a lot of fun on the inside.
Great way to distract kids if you brought any but is overall good for any age.
Really great way to get a perspective on Leonardo's designs.
Gaurav D.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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It was an amazing experience. It indeed was interactive, where we enjoyed handling real-world replicas of Leonardo's creations/ideas.
An enriching experience and worth visiting!!!
Jiri K.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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Really well made, so much fun, honestly one of the highlights of Florence for us.
Thank you! And guy in dreadlocks (staff) made our visit even more fun
Ruth H.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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So much fun! This place give you such an appreciation for the amazing mind of Da Vinci!
It was perfect for the kids to both play and learn about some really important mechanics that are essential now in modern life!
Koonyada I.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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I think even adults would love this museum.
You will be fascinated by the inventions of Leonardo.
I learnt a lot from this museum especially things that related to my high school physics.
Viswanath M.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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If you not visited Leonardo Da Vince Museum you visit to Firenze is incomplete.
There is lot of inventions which are being commonly used today.
One of the masterpiece is the invention of the tanks, and must see how it was used and the tanks in action in VR studio inside the museum.
Anna D.
Verifiable review in Google Maps
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I loved this museum, really very informative and interesting, looks at his inventions and how they work, it's a wonderful experience for kids and adults alike.
It was well worth the visit 👍
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