School groups on an educational trip to Florence cannot miss a visit to the Leonardo Interactive Museum to discover Leonardo da Vinci, inventor, scientist, engineer, anatomist and painter: in a word, the greatest genius of all time!

The museum is truly 100% interactive and is an excellent opportunity to take part in an unusual and entertaining educational experience.

Inside, it is possible to discover and operate most of the machines designed by Leonardo, built as faithfully as possible according to the maestro’s designs.

You will discover that Leonardo, in the 16th century, was not only the extraordinary painter of the Mona Lisa, the Annunciation and the Last Supper, but also carried out in-depth studies on flight, civil, military and hydraulic engineering, the anatomy of the human body, cartography and physics applied to mechanics.

These studies and the notes he left us still form the basis of modern technology and science as we know it and study it in school.

The museum experience that students can gain is, at the same time, “light” but also very interesting, as the learning derived from operating and constructing, with one’s own hands, objects symbolic of Leonardo’s studies is very effective and particularly engaging.

The museum content deliberately uses limited digital media, to the extent strictly necessary for the didactic objectives, as it is common experience that children are already abundantly exposed to their use (Smartphones, PCs, Smart TVs, etc.), so that their excessive presence even within a museum can, in our opinion, detract from the originality, novelty and surprise of the visit.

Equally interesting are our guided tours, as they represent the possible ‘completion’ of the above-mentioned overall experience, discovering the multifaceted and complex personality of this extraordinary Renaissance man.

Below we summarise our offer for the year 2023, which is followed by a contact form that you can fill in to initiate a booking as quickly as possible.


For school groups from the European Union, accompanied by their teachers, there are reduced rates with reference to:

the entrance ticket only (€ 6.20 per student);
to the entrance ticket and guided tour (€10.50 per student).

The application of these concessions is allowed, exclusively, only for school groups composed of more than 20 paying students.

For school groups composed of students under 15 years of age, in order to enhance the museum experience, the sole option of an entrance ticket and guided tour is allowed at a cost of €10.50 per student.

In order to ensure constant supervision of the visiting group and with the aim of avoiding damage to persons and/or property, free admission is allowed for a maximum of 2 accompanying adults per group.

Access to the museum by school groups is permitted until the availability quota established by the Management is exhausted.

Once the quota has been used up, students and accompanying adults will be able to access the museum according to the normal admission rates and procedures.

To enter the museum, advance booking and payment are required.

For this purpose, please fill in and send a request, to which we will reply as soon as possible, using the following contact form:

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